Q: What’s different about Mr. Natural®?

A:  Mr. Natural® Organic products are developed for maximum hearty plant growth.    Period.

Mr. Natural products are made from the finest organic ingredients and only the finest organic ingredients.*  Mr. Natural products perform to nature’s highest standards because they’re created from materials that meet nature’s highest standards.

Mr. Natural soils teem with the microbes and fungi and other life forms that restore damaged soil structure and bring nearly perfect nutrition to plants.  Mr. Natural soils are completely free of chemical fertilizers and synthetics that actually retard the soil’s capacity to nurture plants.  And, Mr. Natural soils are free of excessive nutrient loads that pollute our watersheds and foul our estuaries.

Mr. Natural was founded in 1988 to produce Mr. Natural® Hen Manure Compost, the finest organic poultry manure compost devisable. Mr. Natural’s breakthrough organic advantages were quickly proven by horticulturists, professional landscapers, and landscape architects working with native and exotic plants outdoors in the real world. Mr. Natural® Hen Manure Compost remains the first choice of loyal customers who have been using it since day one – over twenty years ago!

Now – Mr. Natural® Hen Manure Compost is one of a quartet of carefully crafted Mr. Natural soil amendments. All four Mr. Natural organic products are considered the benchmark for quality amongst a leading community of expert plant professionals working at the highest levels of their disciplines.  Over the years, word has spread and recreational gardeners have learned that Mr. Natural is the simplest and easiest way to get great results in their gardens, too – and to achieve their garden success organically.

Mr. Natural has never been about advertising hype, glossy marketing images, or corporate corner cutting.  From the beginning, Mr. Natural put its focus on the quality of the organics in the soils, and Mr. Natural still does. Loyal customers keep telling us, “Mr. Natural soils are the best we’ve ever used.”

Mr. Natural is all about the best possible products for maximum hearty plant growth.    Period.    



*Mr. Natural® products contain no fillers, no chemical fertilizers, no yard waste, no biosolids, no heavy metals, no antibiotics, no hormones, no contaminants or waste materials, and no sewage sludge of any kind.

We also have PermaTill®

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