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What is Mr. Natural®?

Mr. Natural® ORGANIC Soil Products are the first choice of world class botanical gardens and institutions, respected museums and universities, renowned golf courses, landmark  buildings and parks, public and private venues of all kinds, over 1500 top landscape companies and legions of happy, ardent gardeners.

Can Mr. Natural® make all the difference to plants?  You bet it can!

Ask anyone who has experience with Mr. Natural. You’ll find out why their annuals and perennials, ornamental and vegetable gardens, their yards, grounds and trees are so unusually beautiful, so bountiful, appear so healthy, and are so easy to maintain.


Green Stripe® Products brings the magic of Mr. Natural® ORGANIC Soils to all of us in the Chesapeake Bay region, the Mid-Atlantic states and the Greater Northeast.

Green Stripe® distributes Mr. Natural® ORGANIC Soils wholesale to the trade. Consumers can find Mr. Natural® at a growing network of quality locally-owned independent garden centers and through top quality landscape architects, designers and landscapers.

Ask for Mr. Natural products by name. Do not accept substitutes.  (Actually, experienced Mr. Natural customers say there aren’t any substitutes for Mr. Natural!)



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